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Focus on the Customer Experience!

By Joanne Moretti Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jabil   In this high speed and highly connected world, organizations across the board, from small to global enterprise, are thinking about the Customer Experience (CX) and what happens to it in...

Partners Are A CMO’s Best Friend

By Juliette Rizkallah Chief Marketing Officer SailPoint Technologies   Whether you are working for a high-growth start-up or a multi-product portfolio company, the balance between sustaining the demand generation machine and the pressure for better margins is...

The 4 Surprising Must-Haves For Your Marketing Plan

Every year, we chat with a group of forward-thinking marketing and sales executives and poll our larger community to find out what’s on their “must have” list for the upcoming marketing year. We always bring our own list to the table to get the conversation started....

Print Marketing: Building Brands Across Generations

By Vanecia Carr Director of Customer and Brand Marketing Domtar     Let’s face it—promoting your brand is expensive. Whether a brand is a start-up or well established, any marketer, creative or business owner wants to make sure the time and resources are...

How to Start-up Marketing: Avoid 3 Mistakes

By Andrew Malcom Chief Marketing Officer Evernote     Having inherited early marketing organizations at Skype and Evernote and advised even earlier stage companies on how to set-up marketing as a function, I see start-ups make the same three mistakes: 1....

Cisco Shows Why Augmented Reality Isn’t Just for Games

Pokémon Go brought the concept of augmented reality — or AR for short — into the mainstream… well, reality. This two-dimensional, AR, mobile game went viral just over a year ago, and, in doing so, it taught us all what gamers and high-tech fans have known for a while...

Has Content Marketing Jumped the Shark?

By Allen Plummer Head of Editorial and Creative Operations, Participant Strategy and Development Vanguard     I was recently asked to shift into a new role on our team; content marketer. We’re fortunate in that we already have a solid content strategy, but...

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