By Matthew Royse
Regional Marketing Director



Are you considering using influencers to promote your company?

Do you need help to create and execute your influencer marketing strategy?

Did you know the larger the influencer, the lower the ROI?

In this infographic below from Influencer Marketing Hub, you will discover statistics you should know about when it comes to influencer marketing.

Some of key points:

  • Earned media value averages 5.2 times per $1 spent
  • Campaigns focused on branding or engagements generate 8 times the ROI
  • Direct response ROI is 1.8 times per $1 spent

Check out the infographic below to learn more:

This infographic was created by Influencer Marketing Hub.

Matthew Royse is a creative and strategic thinker who specializes in helping companies to conceptualize, develop and implement digital marketing and integrated communications strategies and programs. Matt is a professional speaker, digital marketing/social media instructor at Duke University and LinkedIn trainer. Previously he was Director, Marketing Communications at Forsythe Technology.


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