By Jamie Short
Vice President, Marketing
Frost & Sullivan



When it comes to marketing, ensuring success comes in the form of thousands of tactics and strategies. However, what I learned July 15-17 in San Diego from the innovative, dynamic and skilled #FrostMAR speakers and participants of the Marketing Impact 2025: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange is that, unfortunately, there are even more ways marketers can fail.

To ensure your path to success, I will share a few of the potential pitfalls uncovered during this compelling, interactive and collaborative event.

Mistake #1: Losing Sight of the Importance of the Customer Experience

Marketers fail when they lose sight of the fact that customer experience defines brands. The cost of world-class customer service and retaining lifetime buyers is more profitable than exhausting budgets to acquire new clients. Delivering fantastic client experiences by investing in customer service should be perceived as a profit powerhouse and not a cost center buster. Happy clients become brand evangelists and are a marketer’s launch pad for awesome story-telling and brand positioning.

Mistake #2: Playing the Guessing Game

Any marketer who has budget support, resources and technology but chooses to build a strategic marketing plan based on assumptions versus data will fail. Successful marketers mine mass amounts of intelligence from web analytics, demand generation response rates, user groups, support tickets, product reviews, etc. to understand their target audience, personalize the engagement experience and measure insights by prioritizing critical KPIs to make smarter decisions. The best in the business consistently track share of voice, digital engagement, marketing qualified leads, NPS score and sales revenue.

Mistake #3: Believing You Have All the Answers and Are Correct

Marketers who do not heed the market, while making assumptions on brand positioning and buyer perceptions, will fail. Those who lack the ability or willingness to seek out fresh perspectives on their target audience, marketing strategy, messaging and steps to help their organization achieve more significant growth are limiting their success.  Savvy marketers are able to strategically pivot when necessary. They know when and how to capitalize on third-party market analysis, competitive intelligence and consultants to validate their assumptions, better understand strengths and weaknesses and identify the early warning signs driving industry disruption.

Mistake #4: Choosing Intellect over Emotion

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking the more words, more corporate lexicon, more product details are better. Not so. Today’s buyer wants to be connected in a way they can quickly grasp and understand. A buyer will remember a story 70% more often than a statistic or technical jargon. Corporate speak ruins a good story. Today’s buyers want to be communicated with in a conversational manner and in a way that they can process quickly. Short statements, casual communications and a simplistic approach is ideal.

Mistake #5: Assuming – If You Ask, You Shall Receive 

Marketers who operate under the pretense that all stakeholders in the organization understand the crucial need for investment in new marketing initiatives, resources and technologies, and who approve budget requests without question, will fail. It is true that the role of marketing has evolved from being event planning, conference support and collateral creation. Still, many executives have an outdated perception of the purpose and potential of effective marketing and are reluctant to invest in new resources or technologies they do not fully understand. Today’s marketing leaders understand misalignment and misperceptions; they go above and beyond to educate and provide tangible data and forecasted ROI. They have perfected the art of the straightforward business case and have honed their ability to cut through stall tactics by asking critical questions and demonstrating need in a way that speaks to decision-makers’ hearts and minds while focusing on the bottom line revenue potential.

If you missed this year’s event, join me next year, July 15-17, 2020 (location TBD).

If you would like to benefit from this year’s keynote videos and industry best practices and gain access to the session summaries of the entire event, the Executive MindXchange Chronicles are the next best thing for those unable to attend our event.

Jamie Short, Vice President of Marketing at Frost & Sullivan, is a growth-driven marketing professional with experience in advertising, marketing, business development, strategic planning and communications, spanning multiple industries. Jamie possesses a robust combination of business savvy and appreciation for the sales process, which helps her to develop scalable strategies to elevate brand positioning and create breakthrough campaigns. 

Previous to Frost & Sullivan, Jamie held progressive positions in Technical Marketing, Channel Marketing and finally as Brand Marketing Director at Digital Defense, Incorporated, a highly ranked provider of managed security risk assessment solutions. Before that, Jamie was the Lead for Marketing Services at J2O Designs Incorporated, a strategic web design and marketing firm.

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