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As the B2B buyer’s journey goes increasingly digital, marketers are thinking more and more about digital transformation. But the organizations with truly impressive results are the ones where digital transformation transcends the boundaries between marketing, sales and product. In fact, for one of our clients, digital transformation began at the product level but eventually led to a transformation on the sales and marketing sides as well.

Wonderlic, a pioneer in tests and assessments in the employment and education spaces, had built a great degree of success selling a combination of offline and digital products through a highly consultative and relationship-driven salesforce. But as they thought about how to continue to expand their success, they didn’t turn only to sales and marketing. They knew their challenge wasn’t just to increase marketing reach or conversions, to improve lead management, or to accelerate the sales cycle. Rather, they had to focus on their audience. They needed to research and think deeply about the needs of current customers, as well as the untapped potential markets that could fuel their growth.

What did they learn? Customers were evaluating products differently than they had been when Wonderlic first developed its line of assessments. Customers also had different expectations about product requirements and the user experience, and ultimately, they were buying differently. What followed was the full-scale transformation of a more than 80-year-old company. Wonderlic decided to develop, promote and sell a SaaS product in a completely digital fashion — to compete on an innovation level with the most bleeding-edge startups while bringing the deep expertise and scientific chops of a time-tested organization.

What happened? Sales. Lots of ’em.

How can you achieve similar results? Start by asking some critical questions, and learn more about how we partnered with Wonderlic here.

Here are 11 key questions to consider as you plan your digital transformation:

1. What undeniable shifts or trends are our core customers facing?
2. How have these shifts changed the goals they need to accomplish in their businesses?
3. Does our product / service require changes or additions to help accommodate this shift?
4. What hassles or areas of friction do our customers endure? How can we minimize those issues?
5. Who uses our product in ways we never expected?
6. Are there markets that haven’t wanted, needed or been able to afford our product that might now be interested?
7. Is there a different pricing structure, delivery model or product offering we can shape to address these new or emerging markets?
8. What should we amplify about our product to respond to customers’ shifting needs?
9. How have our customers’ expectations about the length, speed or complexity of the sales process / transaction changed?
10. Have our customers’ watering holes changed? Where do they look for information and advice? Is it human-centric or digital?
11. How are our competitors impacting the industry and our customers? Are they doing something transformative that we should be factoring into our thinking?

Want to talk about your next steps to accelerate your company’s digital transformation? Whether you’re just starting to imagine what’s next or have a specific project in mind, get in touch and let’s discuss it!

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