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What books are really worth your time?
What can have a big impact on how you view today’s growing importance of marketing?

To save you time, I compiled a list of the best books that cover the most critical issues for today’s marketing leaders. These books should help you with useful business and marketing tips and best practices that will enable you to help you grow your company through digital marketing and traditional marketing efforts.

Here is a list of top books all marketing leaders should read in 2019 — the second half of a Top Twenty list, continued from our previous Marketing Revolution Quarterly Newsletter:

11. The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Author: Allan Dib

Why should you read this book? To build a successful business, you should avoid “random acts of marketing” and follow a strategic marketing plan. Traditionally, it has been hard to create a marketing plan. It is a time-consuming process,. This is why marketing plans are not written down on paper. In this book, Allan Dib (a serial entrepreneur and rebellious marketer) shows us how to create a marketing plan that is simple and fast. It’s literally a single page. The page is divided up into nine squares. This book helps you create a marketing plan that will help you get new customers without being pushy, needy, or obnoxious.

12. Digital Sense: The Common Sense Approach to Effectively Blending Social Business Strategy, Marketing Technology, and Customer Experience

Authors: Travis Wright and Chris Snook

Why should you read this book? The authors realize that today’s marketing is all about customer service. Today, we live in an age of opportunity. That is why it is to important to create a more engaged customer experience strategy. This book explores the frameworks for implementing a new marketing operating system and how to optimize the customer experience for a competitive advantage. This book explores how organizations can best compete in today’s market by meeting customers where they are and how to engage them in an effective way.

13. The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth behind Extraordinary Results

Authors: Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Why should you read this book? This national bestseller and the award-winning book discusses the importance of focusing on one thing at a time. Just one thing! People are using this simple and powerful concept to focus on what matters most in their personal and work lives. After reading this book, you will focus your energy on that one thing. It will help you achieve better results in less time, reach your goals, lower your stress, increase your energy, and master what matters you the most. What’s your one thing that you are focusing on right now? Are focusing on multiple things or just one thing?

14. They Ask, You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer

Author: Marcus Sheridan

Why should you read this book? This book shows you how to develop your content marketing strategy. It is simple: answer your customer and prospect questions with content. In this book, Marcus Sheridan shows you how this simple strategy can work for your organization and been proven to drive sales and business growth. When people use the Internet, they use a search engine (aka Google) to find their answers. By answering people’s questions and providing answers via your content, your organization will be able on page one of Google’s search results and be seen. This book examines how this straightforward approach to content marketing is a great way to structure an effective content marketing strategy. This strategy works regardless of industry or sector.

15. Top of Mind: Use Content to Unleash Your Influence and Engage Those Who Matter To You

Author: John Hall

Why should you read this book? This book sheds light on how you and your company can stay “top of mind” with your audience. The author explains how he built both his brand and his business relationships through helpful and engaging content. The book provides tips on how to earn trust with your audience with digital marketing so that you become the first choice for your audience. Successful businesses and leaders have one thing in common: their names come top of mind when people think about their particular industries. Learn how to use content to unleash your influence and engage with people who matter the most to you. Are you staying top of mind?

16. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

Author: Jim Collins

Why should you read this book? Drawing upon many years of research at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, authors James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras examined companies who have been in business for awhile and studied their top competitors. They researched the companies from their very beginnings to the present day. The followed them through their lifecycle from being a scrappy start-up to becoming a large corporation. Throughout, the authors asked: “What makes the truly exceptional companies different from the comparison companies and what were the common practices these enduringly great companies followed throughout their history?” This book includes many specific examples to help you build a master blueprint for growing your organization in the 21st century and beyond.

17. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Author: Simon Sinek

Why should you read this book? In 2009, author Simon Sinek started a movement to help people become more inspired at work. Since then, a lot of people have been touched by the power of his ideas. Sinek starts with a simple yet fundamental question: “Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others?” He examines why some companies gain greater loyalty from customers and employees. Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers had little in common. However, they all had one thing in common. They answered the question: why? They realized that people need to understand the why before they become loyal. This book provides a framework for leaders to inspire everyone to take action. Start with the why.

18. Double Digit Growth: How Great Companies Achieve It, No Matter What

Author: Michael Treacy

Why should you read this book? In their 1995 blockbuster The Discipline of Market Leaders, Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema explained how great companies dominated their markets with strong value propositions. In this book, Michael Treacy shows how successful companies achieve double digital growth each year and how your company can identify and exploit opportunities for increased revenues, margins, and profits. The author’s message is simple: great companies know how to do it and your company can too. Using case studies from Dell, Home Depot, and GE, the author shows the steps that a company should take to achieve double-digital growth. Find out how to keep the growth you have earned, look for new growth and take business from your competitors. After reading this book, you will have the tools to achieve your double digital growth goal and maintain your success.

19. The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Author: David Meerman Scott

Why should you read this book? This books is an international bestseller because it helps us understand the future of marketing and public relations (PR). This book provides you with a step-by-step action plan for gaining attention for your company and your ideas. This book will show you how to “get the right information to the right people at the right time.” The Internet has changed the way we communicate and interact so it is important to really understand the tried-and-true rules to help you stay ahead of the curve. This book will help “cut through the online clutter” so your messages are seen and heard. This book provides a wealth of compelling case studies and real-world examples to help you understand the new rules of marketing and PR.

20. Why Simple Wins: Escape the Complexity Trap and Get to Work That Matters

Author: Lisa Bodell

Why should you read this book? Today’s complexity is hurting our ability to innovate and adapt. The reality of life today is that we spend a lot of our days drowning in mundane tasks such as meetings, emails, and reports that prevent us from getting meaningful work done. As a result, simplicity has become the new competitive advantage. This book helps leaders create a culture that eliminates redundancies and makes simplification a habit. The author’s main message: simplification is a skill that very few leaders use but should. This book explains that simplification improves employee and customer engagement and overall productivity. The author explains that when we keep it simple, we win.

What marketing books would you add to this list?

Matthew Royse is a creative and strategic thinker who specializes in helping companies to conceptualize, develop and implement digital marketing and integrated communications strategies and programs. Matt is a professional speaker, digital marketing/social media instructor at Duke University and LinkedIn trainer. Previously he was Director, Marketing Communications at Forsythe Technology.

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