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Why a Strong Data Foundation is Gold for Business

By Dave Miller Vice President, Strategic Planning Jabil     Businesses face an intimidating set of circumstances with each passing day. The ever-increasing availability of data combined with incrementally blurred lines between companies and the industries...

Considering Digital Transformation?

Kellie de Leon Vice President of Marketing & Strategy The Mx Group     As the B2B buyer’s journey goes increasingly digital, marketers are thinking more and more about digital transformation. But the organizations with truly impressive results are the...

Marketing’s Secret Weapon in 2019: Location Data

Kander and Ebb wrote a delightfully catchy little song in the 70’s called Coffee in a Cardboard Cup. Mandy Patinkin brings down the house with his rendition of this comical plea for the world to just take a breath and slow down. Almost 50 years later, the modern-day marketing world is humming a related tune.

Twitter as a Source of Intelligence for Marketers

By William Nee Senior Director, Market Intelligence Oracle Corporation   I. Can Twitter Help Marketers? How should we, as marketers, view Twitter? The vast majority of the information it contains is often irrelevant to us. For example, one of the most popular...

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